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Frequently Asked Questions


Booking can be done via Website, app, phone call, email or at the property in person.

Please login to the MoveLiving app and share your requirements and we shall arrange your visit at the property.

You can confirm the booking in 3 simple steps:

  • Logging into your account on the MoveLiving app
  • Depositing fees and security deposit
  • Signing the Resident Agreement with required details and documents.


Please note that our offer of accommodation shall automatically lapse if booking is not confirmed within 7 days of receipt.

Payment can be done by credit card, debit card or NEFT through the MoveLiving app only. Cash and cheques are not acceptable.

A refundable security deposit of 1 month rent amount is required as per the room category booked. The amount will be refunded within 7 days of check out as per the contract. In case of any damages or fines, it can be recovered from this amount.

Cancellation is provided without any charges before signing the Resident Agreement. Post signing of the agreement, the following cancellation policy will remain in force:

  • Co-Living – One month notice is required to vacate the premise, or 1 month rent is chargeable and balance will be refunded accordingly. You may opt for shorter tenure (1/3/6 months) as per your requirement. Longer tenure booking come with incentives.
  • Student Housing – Full academic term rent has to be deposited to confirm your reservation. We have an option of half yearly payment with 10% surcharge. Amount is non-refundable for the tenure.

An online form is required to be completed by you. In the form, you will be prompted for details such as your name, number and email including your preferred mode of payment.

Once you fill in these required details, we will offer a suitable accommodation after we accept your booking. We will send you a link to complete some further details and access your tenancy agreement which you will need to sign and return to us within 7 days along with your admission fees. Congratulations, your booking will then be confirmed!

7 days before you move in, you will have to make your first payment. In case you are not able to move in, you will have to inform the same to your accommodation manager. Once you sign the Resident Agreement, you are legally liable to pay the rent for the full tenure.

We aim to provide you with a room that is just right for you. In the MoveLiving app, a preference section appears to let us know your preferences. For example, if you wish to live with your friends, you will have an option to mention that. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

We offer different categories and varieties of rooms to cater to your needs. Here is what you can book:

  • Single room – You will have a bedroom, bathroom and a study area with plenty of storage.
  • Shared room – You get a bed, desk, chair, bookshelves and wardrobe. It is almost always with an en suite bathroom. There may be properties which may offer twin sharing options or triple or quad sharing rooms.
  • Studio room – This room offers a separate kitchen, study space, attached bathroom and living area. You will be able to visit the common communal spaces in the building for which access will be given.
  • Premium room – Live in a spacious room that offers a range of amenities including a smart TV, a couch and more. Whether you want to go for Single or Double Sharing is entirely your choice.

It is not just our rooms that make up the buildings at The Move. Almost every property offers spaces where you can meet, play, work and chill with other residents:

  • Self-Use Pantry – You’ll share a kitchen that is available on floors depending on the property, for some self-cooked delicacies or late night Maggi cravings
  • Fitness centre – We provide a fitness centre at all locations. Some locations might have more extensive gyms and can be viewed on each location page. The gym opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm. You can train with the gym instructors at selected hours.
  • Cinema rooms – A room offering entertainment at its best with high-quality sound and a large projector screen. Lounge seating is also available. Regarding the movie screening time, notifications will be sent to you via our MoveLiving app.
  • Game Zone- Here, you’ll find PlayStation or a pool. Play table tennis and have fun along with some competition and laughter.
  • Study rooms / Workplace- For private study or meetings there are small rooms. For your group work, head to the large rooms available.
  • Events – Engage in a variety of events which include cultural, sports, educational and others. Our professional event management companies make sure that the events are fun. While some of these events are free of cost, there may be events which are paid.
  • Mindfulness – In the request of our residents, our multi-activity room hosts a variety of classes such as meditation, motivational talks, yoga and more.

For the purpose of correspondence and communication in emergencies, students need to provide details of the local city guardian. Every tenant must be a minimum of 18 years. The maximum age is not an issue.

On the very first page of your document, you can find your check-in date. You can arrive at The Move on the check-in date that is fixed or any day after that.

On the day of arrival, our vehicle will come to pick you up from the railway station or the airport. Even if you are somewhere within the city, we will make it hassle-free for you by picking you up.

If you are coming by a private car, please book the parking area beforehand so that you are aware of where to park.

Our Resident Manager will help you move. They will give you the keys to your new room, help you unloading stuff, and familiarize you with the space by showing you around. Feel free to ask anything as they tell you about your new city.

  • Your Aadhar card copy, passport-sized photos to be submitted along with the Resident Agreement.
  • If you have opted to live in our Premium rooms, we will provide you with a blanket. For other rooms, you will have to carry your own blanket or duvet.
  • If you have brought your family photo and want to place it in the room, we will arrange for that, so you can feel home. However, we do not allow nails and pasting on room walls.
  • Clothes of all types –Please bring all types of clothes that you will need for yourself. Every room has an individual cupboard for residents with hangers and inbuilt locks for the safety of their possessions.
  • Electrical items – We allow the use of beard trimmers, hairdryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners within the bathroom area, only if they are used responsibly. We prohibit the use of Induction and Iron/ Iron Box within the room due to fire and safety guidelines. We do have separate Smart Ironing rooms and self-cooking kitchen in every property.
  • Bike, helmet- An E-bike is a cheap, environmentally friendly way to get around your new city. In most of our properties, parking is free.
  • A first aid kit – Pain killer, digestion pills, that kind of thing. Just in case. We also have an On-Call doctor available always of the day. We have special tie-ups with reputed hospitals and clinics around our locations.
  • Don’t forget your entertainment devices, books and stationery.

Co-Living – You’ll have to move out by end of your tenancy – you can see when that is on your Resident Agreement. If you want to move out earlier, you can inform your Resident manager.

Student Housing – At the end of the academic year, should you wish to stay for longer, we can give 7 days’ extension without any extra charge and after that, you can choose from various plans.

Before you go, your accommodation manager will make an appointment to fill room checklist and initiate the move out process.

Every building has a secure entry with RFID/biometric access as well as Security Personnel 24-hour access. All common areas are covered under CCTV.

There are no timing restrictions, but entry/exit timing is digitally maintained for your safety and security.

For Students, it is advised to be in premise before 9 pm and in case you plan to return late night, please mark it in the MoveLiving app. An emergency number will be alerted via email and text message if the student is out after 9 pm.

Friends and family can visit and can enter the premise with prior information and approval procedure by generating a visitor pass in the MoveLiving app. We have provided a common area for residents to meet their peers and family.

They will not be allowed within the rooms of a resident for security purposes. Timing is restricted from 9 am to 6 pm to avoid inconvenience to fellow residents.

Getting a parcel or a cab or food delivery? Just put up Visitor request in your MoveLiving app and we will hold it securely for you, and you can pick it up any time from the Reception.

We have an onsite maintenance team present to fix things right away. Just put up your request with a photo on the MoveLiving app and it will be responded and resolved within 24 hours.

The Move does not believe in restrictions on one’s personal choice. But we always expect you all to maintain decency levels.

Students – No smoking strictly in any area and around the property, defaulters will be penalized heavily.

Co-Living – You are not allowed to smoke indoors or in rooms, but there will be designated smoking areas outside your building.

Alcohol consumption or drug use is strictly prohibited within the rooms or common areas. Fines will be levied on students who break the law and might lead to expulsion from the accommodation.

Your friends and family are more than welcome to stay. We provide adequate stay for friends, family and relatives that would like a short overnight stay. We do have limited rooms that can be booked based on availability in advance on a daily rental basis.

Loud noise can get on people’s nerves fast, so please be considerate – especially between 11 pm and 7 am.

Please maintain low noise levels so that we do not receive any serious complaints. A serious complaint may make us ask you to leave The Move property.

To open an account, you will need documents with details about you and your course. Setting up your account will take at least a week. Until then, make sure you have enough money for your first few weeks in your new city.

For assistance, speak to your Resident Manager.

All utilities

Students – AC and hot water with fixed timing throughout the year are provided as part of the package.

Co-Living – Individual rooms have pre-paid sub-meter where you can recharge units as per the usage of electricity.

High-speed internet and Wi-Fi

Throughout the building rooms and common areas, hi-speed Wi-Fi is available as a part of your package. After moving in, we shall provide you with details so that you can connect your devices.

Bed Linen

Bed Sheets and pillow covers are provided in all rooms. Towels and Blankets are not provided but are available at a nominal price. We also provide a linen change once a week.


Yes, we provide laundry facilities to all students (18 kgs a month). We do not encourage washing and drying within the rooms, thus we have provided adequate washing machines, drying and pressing facilities within the premise.

Drinking Water

We always provide RO water on each floor and a dining hall for residents to use and they can carry water bottles to the room.


We provide premium quality food in our cafeteria. The package includes Daily Breakfast and Dinner along with a Sunday Brunch.

  • Kitchen – We take pride in providing different Veg and Non-Veg sections in the kitchen and students/ parents are free to take a tour of this to check our quality standards.
  • Cuisine – We provide a variety of cuisines (Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Continental) and may also arrange special preparations during special occasions like Ramzan, Navratri.


We have a Café along with our daily Included Buffet that students have access to 24×7 for all 365 days. This works as a normal restaurant on a pay per dish basis. Friends and family may also be permitted depending on the policy of every location.

Self-cooking stations

Kitchen appliances like Induction plate are not permitted within the room due to fire and safety concerns. However, we provide fully equipped pantries on every alternate floor with refrigerators, microwaves, induction stoves and seating area for students


A 50-inch LED TV with a flat-screen that includes all the HD channels. You will find one in almost all our common areas for you to enjoy with your friends.

If you need a TV in your bedroom, it is easy to set up a smart TV at a small cost.

Remember: you are responsible for getting your own DTH connection.


You will always get a bed, desk, chair, bookshelves, wardrobe and plenty of storage for personal use. Please see the types of rooms available in each of our property pages for more information.

Communal spaces and facilities

Living in The Move property means living, working and relaxing with lots of other students. So enjoy the common spaces like gym, study area, cinema rooms and games room with other residents.


Cleaning of rooms will be done every alternate day between 9 am to 6 pm. The shared kitchen, lobby, corridors and communal areas are cleaned daily. Sunday is a holiday for all our housekeeping team members.

If you want to know what your Resident Manager does, here it is. Count on them for event planning, administration and to be your buddy in need. A few things they will do are:

  • Be present when you come to your new home to welcome you. They will also give you your keys and give you a tour around.
  • Familiarize you with the local area so that you know about the shops nearby and more
  • Planning and arranging events for the entire building to let everyone have fun
  • Collect your rent payments and assist you with your queries related to accounts or bookings.
  • Arrange cleaning and maintenance of your room.
  • Be there. If you need to share anything that is on your mind, they will be there to listen or advise. You can ask whenever you want to have a private chat.
  • The accommodation manager is available at the reception during working hours. Even after hours though, they are always resident and available on site for anything you need.

We believe that all employees and residents have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. We do not entertain bullying or harassment of any nature. Irrespective of the religious or political beliefs, age, gender, marital status or race, we believe in fair treatment.

Our policy ensures these things:

  • Residents get to choose their room type on our online booking system and whilst individual preferences can be indicated, we try to accommodate the requests wherever possible.
  • For differently abled students, we provide free accessible facilities and services and have special rooms adjusted as per the requirements.
  • We treat all residents and staff in a non-judgmental manner.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimization against employees, residents or third parties in our company.
  • Anyone who feels has been subjected to discrimination, we make sure that we investigate fully into the complaints. Whether it is from employees, residents or third parties we follow a 3 stage complaint process for everyone.
  • Our properties may be Unisex with secured and divided wings for boys’ and girls’ rooms.

We have a 24-hour concierge that Residents can consult at all times of the day, regarding all issues or complaints one might have. We also have a complaint/feedback loop within the app and website.

The property is not responsible for personal belongings and students are expected to take care of their belongings at all times. If something is lost, we will try to accommodate your request to provide CCTV coverage.

Ragging is prohibited and banned and will result in immediate expulsion

Fire safety precautions have been taken care of and all properties are 100% Fire Norms compliant. Students will be briefed regarding all emergency procedures. Fire drills are done regularly.

Subletting a room or renting it out further or un-informed visitor in the room is not permissible as it is against the rule and will invite consequences.

Pets are allowed but the room must be booked on single occupancy and not sharing. Also, someone must remain in the premise to take responsibility 24×7. There will be additional charges applicable for daily cleaning and some basic community rules need to be followed.

Married couples who satisfy our requirements are free to stay with us but will be segregated as per our location’s policy on rooms for girls and boys and may have to take separate rooms.

The Move properties are in multiple cities. All information regarding our sites can be found on our website. Residents can make a Transfer Request via the website or personally with the management. The Transfer Request may or may not go through depending on the management and availability in special cases.

We will not be allowing visitors or any physical site visits due to COVID. However virtual tours will be made available for all the common spaces for the better experience

Yes, We will be accepting new residents, however the new residents should not have any recent travel history outside India.

Resident manager, Security team, Housekeeping team and maintenance team will be available on site, However we will reduce the interaction with the residents where possible and maintain a safe social distance.

All our site staff will be provided additional protective gear and will be wearing face masks and gloves. All staff members entering the property will be screened for temperature. Further, all staff members will be adhering to WHO prescribed sanitization norms such as washing and sanitizing their hands every 2-3 hours.

To maintain social distancing, we will not be conducting any community events during this period.

Yes, except our fitness centre which is closed as per government notification other common spaces will be available. Residents are requested to wear face mask and maintain social distancing while using the common spaces.

We have taken multiple measure to maintain the residence safe for all our residents. Few of them have been listed below

  • Sufficient supply of Protective gears are available for everyone use.
  • Additional tissues and sanitizing stations are available for use.
  • ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) meters will be used to measure the high standard hygiene levels.
  • Property linen will be washed at a minimum of 60 degree celcius temperature.
  • Contactless taps and soap/sanitizer dispensers will be introduced in common areas
  • Regular training of our employees ensuring proper hand hygiene and awareness
  • Increased cleaning schedule for AC filters
  • Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) will be used to sanitize the high possible contamination areas like receiving area, etc
  • 100 PPM chlorine solution for sanitizing Non Vegetarian items and 50 PPM Chlorine solutions for sanitizing Vegetarian items
  • Electrostatic based sprayers will be used for atmosphere sanitization.